Our Leader, Yulia Serebryanskaya, started her career in 2001 in the media filed, where she was professionally engaged in promotion of various projects on the Internet. From 2015 she has been running the technological company 2WTRADE. Together with her team she is building the world’s best infrastructure to manage direct sales.

The trip to the US became, in a sense, decisive. Having expanded her knowledge and experience in the Silicon Valley, Yulia Serebryanskaya upon her return to Russia – a country with the strongest mathematical base – decided to implement two ideas at once: to create the high-tech international company 2WTRADE and to launch a public project promoting and preserving the Russian language, literature and culture abroad “Initiative from Russia.” The desire to unite the whole world, countries and peoples served as an engine for achieving serious results and overcoming many difficulties.

The education of Yulia Serebryanskaya also played an important role as she graduated from one of the world’s leading universities – the Novosibirsk State Technical University, where she studied applied mathematics and computer science.

At the time, our Leader took an active part in social activities like the project “Moms Recommend,” which task was to provide an objective and effective public control over the quality of products for kids.

It was not easy for 2WTRADE to become a revolutionary in e-Commerce and create an entirely new technological platform. However, a great desire, pursuit of results and united team of supporters achieved the company’s entry into the global e-Commerce market and gained the status of a pioneer.