The company 2WTRADE is developing the world’s best infrastructure for direct sales. We are using a network of call centers to communicate with clients in different countries, as well as a corporate IT system for communication with courier services, automatic planning, accounting, monitoring, analysis of all basic business processes and solutions of business tasks at the scale of our organization.

While creating a technological modern platform to operate direct sales, we take full responsibility for the management of deliveries around world. We provide delivery and managing services that govern the whole process from placing an order in an online store to receipt of goods by customer.
Once a customer places an order online, he is contacted by an operator of a call center located in the country where the order was made. Then we process orders in special software and ship them with the help of ERP to our partner courier services, which promptly deliver goods to customers.
Our company is efficient as we work 24/7 because of our geography and general ambitions of the team.

We combine solving of complex tasks such as improving e-Commerce techniques and creating effective logistics systems with global aims – to unite the world and use professional experience of different nations and peoples in our work.

Striving for better results we constantly develop our technological basis, create call centers and work on infrastructure. We take care of our partners and follow the Win-Win strategy based on mutual benefit. This is why courier companies that work with us reach a new level of customer service, especially due to constant expansion of geographic coverage. We have already built strong relationships with hundreds of delivery companies.